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Shaoxing Datong School
2012-05-27 21:24:34

Shaoxing Datong School


  Datong School attaches to Shaoxing Culture Relics Management Office. The site locates at No.563 Shengli Xi Road, Shaoxing downtown. It is a Qing Dynasty architecture style building, one of provincial culture relics protection units.
    Datong School is short for Datong Pedagogic School. The former location was Gong Yuan, relocated to Yu Cang in Qing Dynasty. In September 1905, Xu Xilin, Tao Chengzhang initiated a head quarter there, as Guang Fu Party's Zhejiang Branch. It acted as a base for strengthening connections between comrades and military. At the beginning of 1907, Zhejiang revolutionary heroine Qiu Jing took over and rebuilt it into Datong School. She intensified the military training in school and organized Guang Fu Army in order to prepare for Zhejiang people's uprising. After Xin Hai Revolution succeeded, “Datong Women Craftworks School" and "Xi Lin Elementary School" were successively established on Datong School site.
    Datong School comprises more than 50 buildings. The building group faces south, including three layers. The first layer is gate hall, divided into five rooms. A Zhao Puchu's inscription "Datong School" hung on the middle of gate hall. The second layer is an auditorium, now rebuilt into an exhibition room where Guang Fu Party's relics are laid out. The third layer is called "Xu's Hall”, displaying an exhibition of Xu Xilin's lifetime brief introductions, including photos, weapons used by Mr. Xu and some mementos. On the wall of east end room, embedded Cai Yuanpei's "Inscription for Martyr Xu's memorial temple monument”. All three layers are connected with corridors, where the students used to exercise in rainy days. These corridors are 47 meters long and 1.5 meters wide.
    Qiu Jin's office is preserved till now, where she was under arrest. All the furnishings resume their original positions, including desk, wooden chair, stationeries and seal. In 1980, local culture department repaired this school and collected historical documents lying out in theme exhibition rooms. The school site opened to the public in August 1982.During 2001, the east and west axis lines were mended and reopened.

Contact Information:

Address: 563 West Shengli Road, Shaoxing

Opening Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Tel: 0575-5154056

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