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Qiu Jin’s Former Residence
2012-05-27 21:24:15

Qiu Jin’s Former Residence

  This residence locates at No.18 He Chang Hall, in the south of Shaoxing city. Wu Jin Hall was constructed at the foot of green Ta Shan, not far from Jian Lake. It is known for the classic elegance and quiet natural surroundings. Miss Qiu once lived here during her girlhood and engaged in revolutionary activities. On October 1st 1979 this site is opened to the public. Now it is regarded as national key relics protection unit and one of the first provincial patriotism education bases.
    Qiu Jin, also known as Jian Hu Heroine, contributed her life to pull the Qing Dynasty dark reign down before Xinhai Revolution. This domicile occupies 1,120 square meters, the construct acreage is 600 square meters. The first gate hall hangs reputable revolutionist He Ningxiang's inscription "Qiu Jin's Former Residence”. On the west, there is a subsidiary hall where revolutionists once gathered and rested during their stay in Shaoxing. The second gate hall includes meeting room, living room, dining room and Miss Qiu's bedroom. There is a backroom in behind her bedroom, where Miss Qiu usually hided top secret documents and weapons. Miss Qiu's mother lived in the third gate hall, while her brother and sister-in-law lived in the fourth gate hall. The kitchen locates in the fifth gate hall, connected with a courtyard.
    In memory of great martyr Qiu Jin, Shaoxing government had repaired this residence for several times since the foundation of Parkland collected a great many practicalities, photos and documents that demonstrate Miss Qiu's revolutionary spirits exactly.


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