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2006 Shaoxing Exhibition List
2012-05-26 23:37:41

2006 Shaoxing Exhibition list


2006 Shaoxing Exhibition list






Public Ceremony in Memory of Dayu


The government of Shaoxing


First Xishi Cultural Festival & Fifth Pear Festival


The government of Zhuji


Shaoxing Household Furniture Exposition


The government of Yuecheng district


China Shaoxing Lu Xun Culture Festival & Yellow Wine Festival


The government of Shaoxing


Seventh China Textile Exposition


The government of Shaoxing


Seventh International Socks Exposition


The government of Zhuji


Seventh Xinchang Tourism Festival


The government of Xinchang


Shengzhou Tie and Shaoxing Opera Festival


The government of Shengzhou

Lu Xun Culture Festival

  Lu Xun Culture Festival, an influencing art festival with bright color and splendid features, is intended to forge golden card, unfurl new image and facilitate booming development. It is an activity through which one can have a proximity to the hometown of Lu Xun, feel deep in the heart the culture of this ancient city as well as to appreciate the grace of ancient Yue Kingdom. Shaoxing, such an ancient city with beautiful landscape and brilliant relics, will take culture as its largest capital and selling point to develop its tourism into the most prospecting industry.

Lu Xun was born and brought up in Shaoxing. It was the landscapes and culture of Shaoxing that nourished his master mind. His writing, idea, personality and spirit were deeply rooted in Shaoxing. With one third of his lifetime spent in Shaoxing, Lu Xun wrote down many immortal articles reflecting the local conditions and customs of Shaoxing. Lu Xun belongs to Shaoxing, and to the world, too. But for Lu Xun, Shaoxing could not have earned such a high reputation.

People of Shaoxing tend to have "Lu Xun"-related complex. Lu Xun Elementary School, Lu Xun Middle school, Shuren High School (Shuren is the old name of Lu Xun), Lu Xun Foreign Language School have all exerted their active roles in facilitating the educational course of Shaoxing; when referring to the culture and art, there are Lu Xun Library, Lu Xun Memorial, Lu Xun Movie City, as well as Lu Xun Road, Lu Xun Square, etc. from everywhere one can feel the influence of Lu Xun. In today's economy-oriented society, “Lu Xun” is a gold signboard for enterprises such as “Xianheng” Wine Shop and “Kongyiji” Native Products to promote their products and earn generous profits. Thousands of visitors to Shaoxing were attracted by Lu Xun, who is the imperishable lantern in the heart of people of Shaoxing.

  In order to let the elegant grace under the pen of Lu Xun heartedly felt vividly by visitors, Shaoxing Government holds to the concept of "Culture--- Soul of City" to set about protective construction of Lu Xun Road, Native Place of Book Saint, Eight-Shaped Bridge, etc. The investment of RMB 1 billion that focused on Lu Xun Street and Lu Xun Former Residence has revealed the environment when the young Lu Xun lived during the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, as well as the unique township marketplace of Shaoxing.

  Lu Xun Culture Festival is the further step Shaoxing Government made to deepen the articles written by Lu Xun. The festival, named after Lu Xun, born people’s deep feeling and love for him and embodied regional culture of Shaoxing. It will make celebrity brand of Shaoxing even known to the outside, promote the construction of "Famous Culture City" and "Key Touring City", and attract more people to Shaoxing through Lu Xun.

The 3rd Lu Xun Culture Festival is to be held in October this year in the urban area of Shaoxing.

China (International) Socks Exposition

Exhibits includes: all kinds of socks, auxiliary materials for sock making , sock knitting mechanism

"Datang Socks" has developed into the largest sock manufacturing base throughout the world. Datang Town, thanks to the "Datang Socks", was titled "Celebrated Town in Socks" by National Textile Industry Association; Zhejiang Provincial Government honored "Datang Socks" as one of the ten biggest industries in the 21st century that enjoy the most dynamic developing potential; more than 18 towns and villages are under the radiation extension of the industry, where pool 10 thousand manufacturers, 100 thousand hosiery knitters of varied kinds and over 200 thousand  workers; it has witnessed an annual sock production volume of over 9 billion pairs, occupying 65% of domestic market share as well 35% of the world total amount. The products are well marketed in the international world.

In 2004, the sock industry saw an output value of RMB 19.1 billion and sales income of RMB 18.75 billion, of which the export value totals RMB 300 million, including RMB 156 million that was exported by enterprises themselves. The "Datang Light Textile & Socks City" built in 2001, as the window of "Datang Socks", witnessed a turnover of RMB 2.95 billion in 2004 to become the largest sock market in China. China (International) Socks Exposition has been held annually for successively six years since 1999. The turnover in the 2005 6th exposition was increased by 15% over that of the last year to reach RMB 1.91 billion; the orders for socks reached USD 30 million. The contracted project totaled 65, including 43 foreign-funded ones, the total investment was USD 239 million, with contracted foreign capital USD 142 million; domestic joint venture projects totaled 20, with total investment RMB 1.1 billion, in which RMB 1 billion was from outside the city. The investment projects also included 6 tertiary industry cooperative projects, with total investment RMB 646 million, in which RMB 555 million was from outside the city.

2006 CHINA Shaoxing International Textile Expo

Oct. 21st - Oct. 24th, 2006


Zhejiang Provincial People's Government

China International Trade Promotion Committee

China Textile Industry Association

China Commerce Unions


China Textile Import & Export Chamber

Hong Kong Trade Development Department


Shaoxing County People's Government

CCPIT Zhejiang Sub-Council


Zhejiang China Light Industry and Textile Center Group Co., Ltd


   Shaoxing is the most advanced textile manufacture base of China, possessing over 300,000 sets of advanced shuttleless looms. China Textile City is one of the largest professional textile markets in the world, which has over 600 resident importers from more than 20 countries and regions and a customer flow volume of over 100,000 per day. Based on these facts, China Textile Exposition has been held for five sessions successfully, becoming one of the most important professional textile expositions in the country.

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